Recruitment coaching helped us to recruit an awesome team

Our family was tired of using support worker service agencies for our son Isaac as the people they kept sending us were totally inappropriate.  They shared no common interests with Isaac, were the wrong age group or too inexperienced.  So we decided to recruit our own team and paid for a series of 6 mentoring sessions with Microboards Australia to help us through the process.

powerpoint slides

Microboards Australia powerpoint slides


Our Recruitment Flyer


Isaac has a microboard called Isaac’s Band of Brothers & Sisters Incorporated otherwise known as “The Band”.  Microboards Australia worked with “The Band” and our family to support us through the process of recruiting and managing our own staff.  They supported us through regular skype sessions that helped us through the following steps:

  • identifying the kinds of people we wanted to attract not just the qualifications
  • how we would advertise
  • how we would interview them
  • how we would safeguard Isaac when these new people came into his life
  • the kinds of training we needed to provide the selected candidates
  • how we would manage their performance.

We asked candidates to send us a short video that showed off the kind of person they were, their talents, skills and interests.  Here is the video sent in by Fiona who we have since hired.


Group interview

Group Interview

We conducted a group interview where we ran through a number of activities with the candidates that Jaquie Mills and the team at Microboards Australia helped us develop.  This helped us to set the scene of what we expected of candidates and further reduce the short list to 4 candidates who we did an individual interview with.

Isaac participated in the group interview by greeting people as they arrived and handing out equipment to the candidates.

Isaac’s Microboard members supported our family to recruit a team of support workers by

  • participating in the Skype sessions with Microboards Canberra
  • proof reading and distributing the flyer
  • shortlisting applications
  • greeting candidates at the group interview and running some of the activities
  • shortlisting candidates again after the group interview
  • participating in individual interviews

Isaac now has  a team of support workers who have a wonderful relationship with him, are reliable, fun, respectful, great teachers and bridge builders to new friends in the community.

Isaac and Josh

Isaac and one of his support workers – Josh