Together we imagine, explore and dream.

Pushing Boundaries

We believe that everyone communicates, and that everyone has a right to engage in and develop communication, regardless of their label or challenge.

Who We Are

A group of families and supporters in Western Australia with sons and daughters who’s complex needs and behaviors could be seen as challenging.
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Our Work

Microboards Australia represents a grass roots approach, developing new models of support where existing services haven’t been able to provide solutions.
More about Our Work

In Practice

Microboards Australia enacts a principled and practical approach.

Our Vision

Collectively, Microboards Australia members seek to build passion, commitment and energy, and to exert influence in positive ways.
Microboards for Individuals

In Good Company

Partnering with international best practice and academic research – relationships with Curtin and Edith Cowan universities, AACL in Alberta, Vela BC and PLAN Canada.

Working with groups and individuals to create a culture and

A Microboard is an innovative concept that engages community

An introduction to the philosophy, thinking and experience

Microboards borrow best practice strategies from business in

Fostering innovative and individualised communications

In order to live life to the max, people need choice.

Dan is a social innovator who is at the forefront

Eli’s Microboard has supported him to live independently

In order to live life to the max, people need control.